Social Packages

  • Minimum 100 people for all Social packages

BASIC PACKAGE $3.00 per person

  • 3 Sliced Meats ham, salami, garlic sausage
  • bread and mustard
  • Pickles and cheese
    includes plastic cutlery serviettes and plates

DELUXE PACKAGE $4.50 per person

  • 4 Sliced meats ham, turkey breast, corned beef, garlic sausage
  • Bread & mustard
  • pickles & cheese
  • potato chips & pretzels
  • includes plastic cutlery, servietttes and plates


Assorted Dainties. Add 2.00 per person
Assorted Cookies. Add $1.50 per person
Veggie Tray. Add $2.00 per person
Fruit Tray. Add $2.00 per person

Delivery charges and mileage may apply and will be determined by menu, quantity and location.

GST & PST to be added
Prices subject to change